EPSO AD5 Pre-Selection Tests Simulation By Carmen Peter - September 2019




  • Saturday, 07/09, 14/09, 21/09, 28/09
  • EPSO AD5 Pre-Selection Tests Training Brussels
  • 9:00 13:00

Location : 23 Square Ambiorix 1000 Brussels

Participants : 12

Price : 300 EUR

Contact us : + (32) 497 45 42 05

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Carmen is a very professional and excellent coach who helped me succeed in the Epso competition. She was able to highlight my strongest points needed for the exam as well as very effective in building my self-confidence. I would like to recommend her to those who need to improve their personal presentations and prepare themselves for EPSO exams!
Maciej Szkopanski

How to succeed your EPSO Pre-Selection
With A Top Score ?

Read this and discover how you can improve your EPSO Pre-Selection and outperform your competitors … Pre-Selection is a major step in your EPSO Competition because it will qualified you for the next stage. Like Assessment Center and Application Form, you can work with books and free tips on internet. But it will not be enough. You are in a competition where everyone work like that. If you want to be the best and get the job, you need to be a step ahead all of your competitors. And to be the best of the best, you need two things: training and feedbacks. During one day, we focus on the seven skills that you need to increase for the Pre-Selection:

  1. Verbal reasoning: tests to assess verbal ability. Each question consists of one paragraph and four options. The right option should be selected. It is necessary to get a minimum score to pass this test.
  2. Numerical reasoning: test to assess numerical ability. Each question consists of a graph, table and four options for response. The right option should be selected . A minimum score is calculated from the numerical and abstract tests together.
  3. Abstract reasoning: test to assess the abstract thinking. Each question consists of a series of diagrams, series, grids, with an implicit logic and four options. The right option should be selected. A minimum score is calculated together with the numerical reasoning test.
  4. Situational analysis: tests to assess the behaviour in working situations. They present the candidate with hypothetical but realistic work-based scenarios in which they are required to make decisions. For the moment this is a non-eliminatory test, but the outcomes remain with adjudicators for the following phases.

My results?

During my career, I coached 7 Commissioners, 10 Directors General, and more than 50 Directors, 70 Heads of Unit, hundreds of administrators and assistants to succeed in their selections and in their work in the European Institutions. I can give you the same tools, to succeed every step of your EPSO Competition, to succeed with the best scores and to get your dream job. Seats are limited. To be more efficient, I take a maximum of 12 people.

The price of your investment?

The price of admission ticket is 300 EUR.

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Reserve list AD7 13/09/2012

Sometime ago I decided to participate in the EPSO competition. In order to improve my interview skills I asked Carmen’s professional consulting.

Her strategy was as follows:

  • She identified the points that needed improvement
  • She gave me study instructions, hints and tips for the exam
  • She focused on resume building (provided tips in order to optimize my resume appearance and content) and interview skills
  • She helped me prepare for the interview, giving practical instruction on stress relieve and time management.

All the above were carried out in a highly efficient manner, proving Carmen to be an experienced and gifted career coach. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve his/her employability and increase the chances to succeed in EPSO competition.

Reserve list AD7 13/09/2012
Camelia 15/08/2012

Carmen has helped me prepare for the Assessment Centre in the AD7 ICT competition through a full day AC training session, followed by a series of 1:1 coaching.

Looking back at the preparation phase and the (positive) EPSO evaluation which I just received, there are two aspects on which I feel she helped me enormously:

  1. 1. Information: she has provided me an invaluable insight about what to expect at the Assessment Centre, and concretely how to prepare for each of the exercises. She has helped me approach this very methodically, providing guidance for preparation and evaluation/feedback not only in the general exercises, but also in my specialist field.
  2. 2. A fine psychologist/coach: personality traits proved to be highly important in several AC exercises. Carmen has helped me understand myself better,  by not only mapping my strengths and weaknesses, but also helping me put them in relevant context and use them in my advantage during AC. Her help and feedback here are not only applicable within EPSO context, but also outside, in my personal and professional experience

Overall, in my EPSO evaluation (competency pass), many of the things she thought me were listed as positive evaluation – so it did made a difference!!

I fully recommend Carmen to anyone who is serious about passing and EPSO competition and wants to significantly boost his/her chances for success.

Camelia 15/08/2012

“Working with you is really inspiring; you have made me see things from a different perspective; I am sure now I have more tools to get the job I want: a well spent Saturday and well spent money! Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed the day and I think it has been so useful to get more confident on my skills and to focus on weaknesses to address before the Assessment Centre”

“Approach to case study response was very useful; discussions on different personality types in group exercise was also very insightful”

“Well organised and planned; exercises very useful during the Assessment Centre; good techniques and ways to plan each element of the case study and of the Assessment Centre; useful tips and tricks”

“It is good you gave a clear structure and method that will help us to stay focused and result oriented during the day of the Assessment Centre and case study”

“I like the examples you gave, it provides a good view of what can happen or can be a good way of dealing with Assessment Centre situations”

“excellent reader of our minds, original organisation”

“It was a very intense day! Very nice atmosphere and good tips; and, it is always useful to learn about ourselves”

“Thank you for the course and the time spent together; it was very useful to focus on our respective personalities and to reflect on the processes of all the parts of the competition”

“I liked the way the training was organised, cause it made me understand more deeply the things that I already knew about the exam and I learned many new things not known before, and, probably, I wouldn’t have had

“From where to find; I liked the personality types and the interactivity of the course”

“thanks for the great training! Useful tips, indications and explanations; beautiful atmosphere among participants, not competitive but strongly cooperative; not a “formal” course, but a very useful coaching; I hope ti will helps for the competition, but I am sure it worked for me as a person!”

“from the first time that we spoke I felt a very warm person! Regarding the training, it made me understand what are the requests in the AC and what I need to focus on during the exam. It was an experience useful for life not only for the EPSO competition! Thank you for making me discover things that I did not know about me! The working environment during that day was great one, indeed!”

“”the group exercise was simulated during the morning; this is a big advantage! You have lots of experience to share and it was done on a relaxed way. The day passed in a very pleasant manner”

“the AC preparation day has been a very good experience, especially having the possibility to interact with other candidates. I now have a much clear view of it and it is no longer a “black box”! Carmen has a very constructive approach and we have made the most of the day and her valuable feedback!”

“useful interaction with other participants of the EPSO competition. Good tips for the preparation!”

“although EPSO changes their tests almost every year… Carmen seems to have the key! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know exactly how your assessment centre will be the strategies provided by Carmen give you the clues to offer the best of yourself! She helps you to get confidence and points you the road to success in the EPSO competitions!”

“useful, learned confidence through hearing other candidates! Some good practical tips for answer the interview questions. Learned from Carmen posture, slow calm way of answering questions. In-tray examples very useful because no exercise elsewhere!”

“great personality! Pleasant session! Very smart brain dominance theory! Very useful class and learned a lot! Very experienced and perceptive coach!”

“it was a good preparation for the AC, in particular for the group exercise as we were working in groups during the whole day! Also, it is a good way to know more about one’s own competitors and their personality and how to approach them during the group exercise!”

“very well-structured training with intense agenda! It may be a good idea to hold it over 1.5 day. Excellent insight into one’s strengths and weaknesses!”

“in general terms is a useful training, with a good overview of the different stages of the exam. Keep up the good job! Thanks!”

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Testimonials / My Clients

Spend a few hours with Carmen and it is sure that you will come away as a smarter, better performing and more confident person. Carmen’s excellent knowledge about the European public administration and goal-oriented approach bring incredible results for your career development. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an outstanding coach to anyone needing to prepare an EPSO competition.
Ramona Samson