1. Case study for AD and AST levels in the chosen field of competence: written essay to test knowledge, analysis and synthesis skills, and written communication abilities

2. Structured interview for AD and AST levels: interview with a human resource specialist to better assess your motivation, personality, strengths and weaknesses and career plans

3. Oral presentation for AD levels: presenting in front of a panel to test the ability to communicate in a clear and convincing manner

4. Group exercise for AD and AST levels: exercise together with other candidates, the evaluators’ focus will be on assessing the competencies displayed against the EPSO competency framework

5. In-tray exercise for AST level: you will have to answer a number of questions. The documentation you will need is contained in a mailbox you have 50 minutes to read though the emails and complete the questionnaire.

6. Practical tests for AST level: the test involves the preparation and procession of a word document. You will be asked to type a given text, incorporating various instructions and handwritten notes. You will have about 45 minutes for this test.

7. Business briefing exercise for AD12 and above: you will have a 1 hour, 30 minutes for this exercise. You will get some background information documents in the form of a project update. During the individual preparation time, you will prepare your approach for a briefing to be given to a hierarchical superior who will raise questions during the briefing, this happening in a role-play with a psychologist.

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