My coaching and training services cover a large span of activities that can directly support your specific needs for personal and professional development throughout your professional life. Imagine starting individual coaching that will help you to find a career
path and improving your performance in the initial years of your career. Later, I can accompany the manager in leading and managing the team and developing, by the same token, task orientation and people management skills.

And finally, I am able to coach the leader of a company, NGO/IO, institution or organisation in creating a vision and then implementing it by enthusing and empowering a large team. The next cluster of services are those created to enhance communication
skills; such a fundamental ability in both the professional and private life! And, when I say communication, I mean oral presentations, persuasion, influencing skills, negotiation and conflict management. These themes cover the whole span of communication abilities, a fundamental skill in the professional life and certainly, just as much, in our private lives.
This work may be followed up with special events conceived to help, support and reinforce cooperation in groups and teams, by means of away-days, team building and organisational development activities.