Communication styles and persuasion

  • what is your attitude in communication ?
  • what is your communication style and how to get the best of it!
  • listening and questioning skills
  • the golden rules of assertive persuasion

Feedback interviews: appraisal, performance, selection, grievance

  • the art of giving constructive feedback
  • counselling style inventory
  • the “right” interview
  • the manager as coach and mentor

Negotiations: from easy ones to difficult ones

  • three styles in negotiation -learn which one is yours!
  • the win/ win type of negotiation
  • negotiating with difficult people following the five steps strategy
  • difficult conversations or how to put things back on track
  • conflict resolution inventory and how to apply this knowledge

Effective oral presentations

  • ETHOS: how to build credibility and to maintain it
  • PATHOS: get connected to your audience
  • LOGOS: how to persuade your audience with your verbal message
  • IMAGE: getting coherent verbal and non-verbal messages

Written communication for managers

  • know your recipient in order to tailor your message
  • the structure of the message
  • the wording of the message
  • different types of reports for different purposes