During almost 20 years of training and coaching services, my clients have endorsed my support and expressed their contentment with the results achieved thanks to our collaboration.

You can find some of their testimonials on the website, so you can explore some of the ways we can work together to help you achieve your dreams.





“Thank you Carmen for the excellent training! You demonstrated once again what a great professional coach you are! Good tips and tricks and the simulation was a unique opportunity to get an insight of the Group Exercise! All in all, it was very useful!”

“Certainly something different! More in depth analysis and focusing on your own performance rather than others’, which is really helpful, since you are the one that needs to pass this EPSO competition!”

“The session gives you a clear structure on how to prepare and how to interact in the EPSO group exercise. Moreover, the learning can be used in your daily professional life!”

“I attended a training on the EPSO Group Exercise for the AD5 competition. I think that what is useful is not only the method, but, as well, the practical exercises, three, done with the participants. This helped me understand how to behave and interact and how to improve my performance during the exercise!”

“Useful training, it helps you to understand the Group Exercise and gives you and let you learn tips and tricks on how to perform the exercise! Perhaps, you will be well surprised about your personality, as revealed during the interactions!”

“Thank you Carmen, for the very useful training! I like the strategy for the preparation. I learnt more about my personality and some more elements! I need to be more conscious. I valued very much the extended opportunity to interact with other participants!”

“I know Carmen since 2014. I strongly recommend her coaching method! You may find different coaching styles out there, but, Carmen will give you a complete coaching, which includes mastery of your body and mind! I also recommend the EPSO Group Exercise session, to get other points of view, experiences and practice interactions for the Assessment Centre! Thank you Carmen for being unique!”

“Useful, helpful! Train you to be more self-confident; you feel your own energy and of the others and get them upgrading! You feel much better at the end that at the beginning!”

“To the point! Interactive! Practical! Carmen was to the point and helped me understand the dynamics of the exercise! She gave me practical insight on the exercise! It was a simulation very close to the reality of the EPSO exercise!”

“Very good training, very clear, interactions and indications! I can only strongly recommend!”

“Interesting session for the group exercise! Simulation of the real group exercise and useful tips and tricks! Very useful!”

“Good, practical training! Interesting to watch oneself evolving through the exercises!”

“Excellent preparation! Very good and practical advice! Thanks!”



“Inspirational for all aspects of life, not only for EPSO!”

“I attended an ORAL PRESENTATIONS with Carmen and it was spectacular! I have learned a lot of useful tips, which will definitely help not only in the preparation for EPSO exams but also in my personal and professional life! I highly recommend Carmen if you are searching for a highly professional coach, a real expert!”

“I participated in the training for the ORAL PRESENTATIONS in view of the EPSO exams. I think that the method and the suggestions given by Carmen on how to prepare and deliver a good presentation, makes a lot of sense for the exams and, as well for the professional life!”

“Carmen breaks down the ORAL PRESENTATIONS in an extremely structured and easy working method. Her guidance on both preparing for the presentation as well for the delivery part of it, will be invaluable in my preparation for the competition!”

“Very useful training on ORAL PRESENTATIONS with many examples! A lot of useful tips and useful information!”

“Very useful and practice oriented training! Excellent preparation, good inspiration! Definitely, not only for the EPSO exams!”

“The session enabled me to recognise and be aware of my skills, my strengths and weaknesses and how to handle them! The session gave me tools to improve these skills and, not only for the EPSO competitions but also for my daily professional life!”

“I have prepared with Carmen the APLICATION to my Internal Competition and the ORAL PRESENTATIONS. She offers extremely structured and clear feedback, very useful and hands on methods. I would definitely recommend her!”

“I have now known Carmen for over five years! If you want direct and honest feedback, come to her. If you are not ready for that, do not waste your time and money! She is a Formula 1 coach, together with you for the long run and learning to navigate the obstacles. On the other hand, the group sessions are vey useful as you see the behaviour and hear the feedback of similar competitors and similar competitions! In any case, I do suggest that you combine group sessions with individual ones, the success formula!”



“It was an extremely useful session with Carmen. She offers structure, direct feedback, concrete examples and useful tips and tricks on how to approach the interview process and content in the most efficient way. I would absolutely recommend following her coaching. I now feel more confident and prepared to sit the interviews!”

“Interesting session! A lot of interaction between the coach and the participants, as well as between the participants; useful tips and ideas to work on!”

“I participated to the training focusing on the EPSO general interview and motivation interview. I think that the input on how to prepare and deal with the different types of questions was excellent. I now feel much more confident in my ability to face this parts of the competition!”

“Overall, I enjoyed a lot my first session with Carmen! However, I would like to have more on nonverbal communication!”

“I have learned a lot and have seen some things from a different point of view; I would prefer to have a smaller group, where giving personalised feedback would be easier!”

“Professional, clear, structured, enlightening, as regards personality types and corresponding weaknesses. A little more simulation could be welcomed!”

“This is my second training with Carmen and clearly a very good one! I got a totally new perspective on what to prepare for the oral test, with very useful insights and provocative questions! Thank you!”

“The training helps you with information on structure and procedures, but, also, to discover yourself, your motivation and fitness for an EU job!”

AD7 Reserve list

AD7 Reserve list

I passed an AD 7 competition just after an AD 5 and I want to say that it is worth continuing for the next level! Of course, with the coaching of Mrs. Peter, because of her tailored approach to each candidate and each competition, I fully recommend her. Moreover, her excellent methodology includes how to show your strengths during the competition and how to succeed. Thank you very much, dear Mrs. Peter!

AD7 Reserve list
FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 15.12.18

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 15.12.18

“Direct to the point, clear and precise! All you want to know for the preparation of your competition. Best training ever!”

“Great personalised coaching targeted at the EPSO Assessment Centre! Requirements! Gives you knowledge and competence and made me feel more comfortable about the whole experience!”

“Carmen gave us very useful tips to succeed in the highly competitive EPSO tests. The analysis was very comprehensive and matched my expectations perfectly!”

“Carmen’s one day training for the EPSO Assessment Centre was very comprehensive and informative and I believe it helped me a lot to prepare for the tests!”

“Thank you for the lively training! I particularly appreciated the fact that we added to each exercise a lot of practice. Practical tips for the exercise with guidance for the preparation in the coming weeks! I will remark the following aspects of my training with Carmen: professionalism, knowledge and amazing ideas and tips. I believe that Carmen knows how to help anyone who prepares the competition to mark the difference with others!”

“I followed a one day training session for the EPSO Assessment Centre. I found the information provided on how to structure the different part of the exercises invaluable!

Great tips with a lot of experience behind, obviously! Great to have covered the whole with advise for all different phases!

Carmen gives extremely good advice in order to prepare for the exams in the Assessment Centre. She is very knowledgeable and she proposes great methodology to succeed in all these EPSO Competitions!”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 15.12.18


“Thank you very much for the very useful training. I understand now so much bettter what is requestd for the specific internal Competition. The structure you provided us is much appreciated ! Last but not least, your honesty, advice and insights were great !”

“Great training : tought, provoking and well structured !”

“Very clear and structured seminar, which translates EU language into tangible categories ! Many thanks !”

“Just had a colective session on the preparation for the EPSO Internal Competition : Carmen definetely knows what she’s talking about ! Great advice, targeted and tailored ! Intensive and worthy !”

“Very good and straight to the point training, related to the preparation of the Application Form and Talent Screener for the Internal Competition !”

“I appreciate the step by step guidance through the Application process. Carmen provides structure and more importantly gives tips and tricks that help candidates bring out their most relevant information !”

“Very useful training, gives a better way of looking and preparing your application. Very practical and easily to adapt to personal situations !”

“The training on the Internal Competition application process was very useful. Carmen provided us with a clear structure for the application and lots of useful tips for the different sections !

Carmen is clear, to the point. She provides a valuable perspective to the questions of the Application Form and the Talent Screener. The group discussions which developped, during the training, is a extra plus !”

“Very useful training on how to present the Talent Screener and Application Form for the Internal Competition. And, a lot of key words and examples to express yourself, in order to respond to the EPSO criteria !”

“Carmen’s training and coaching are like a mirror that reminds you to be sharp, to be honest, to see your strenghts as much as your weaknesses. And, to bring that to a consistent image of yourself ! Very helpful !”

“Very targeted to the specific stage of the competition, which is the application phase. Lot of experience in the field, providing useful examples. Carmen communication is very clearly and ethical, no non-sense !”

“If you look for explanations, insights, knowledge and tons of advice this is the Coach you need ! Carmen responds fantastically to every need fo the posit you are applying for !”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 10/11/18

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 10/11/18

“Coherence, clarity, structure! Very useful way to spend a Saturday for a person who wants to constantly improve the personal and professional skills! Have a collective training enrich you with the coach’s advice and also with the tips of other colleagues in a cosy environment!”

“I have participated on a 1 day training for the EPSO Assessment Centre and it is the first time I have faced this exam; it has been very helpful to be aware of my weak points and to be presented in a very clear manner on how to handle them! As well, how to deal with so many unexpected situations that can come up during the exam!”

“A carefully thought through session that explores the reality of the EPSO exams. I particularly enjoyed the questions and the discussions of specific aspects, which allowed me to clarify many details of the EPSO evaluation process! “

“The session was very useful. It helps going through the Assessment Centre and it is preparing it thoroughly without having the “surprise effect”! Very recommended!”

“The training provided a lot of information on the EPSO Assessment Centre, it was done in a very structured way!”

“The EPSO Assessment Centre training day has put theory and practice into a very clear perspective. The real life examples were especially informative and useful! I left with a very clear idea at what to expect on that day!”

“Very useful training session which give you an overview of what to expect in an EPSO Assessment Centre as well as a good structure for how to go about the different parts and very useful tips and tricks!”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 10/11/18


“The only so well structured training for Assessment Centre in Brussels! Warm human approach too! What do you need more? Go and get it!”

“Today’s training was extremely helpful; it provided us with the tools to face the various steps of the competition. Carmen is very professional, motivational and empathic. She understands your strengths and weaknesses, in the blink of an eye!”

“I found the session very useful. Practical tips and above all a clear structure to deal with the different exams of the Assessment Centre of EPSO!”

“Thanks to Carmen’s expertise and clear explanations I now know what to prepare for the Assessment Centre and I feel more confident in my way to talking, presenting my assets and analysing situations!”

“I found the training to be very well structured, clear and thorough! It answered all my questions about the Assessment Centre process, which make me feel more confident and definitely calmer. I would recommend this training to anyone interested to get a job in the EU Institutions!”

“The training helped me to have a good overview of the exercises in an EPSO Assessment Centre. I am confident that I can practice on the structures I was given by Carmen and I will go more in depth in one to one coaching with her to have a more tailor made coaching!”

“Very structured day, punctual schedule! Clear information, clear methods of how to proceed! Methods that will work in almost all situations, pleasant atmosphere, confortable training room, perfect balance between information given and breaks!”



“Best E-TRAY Training in Brussels! Try and you will see!”

“Thank you Carmen, as always, clear, concrete strategies and relevant exercises!”

“Multi-client training managed as a personal coaching session. Carmen is capable to keep the attention of all participants on the most important points. The training delivered is essential and straight to the point!”

“Very good and useful coaching session providing great methodological tips and tricks in order to succeed the E-Tray and Case Study exams. Thank you Carmen!”

“Training is well structured and to the point. Is quite intensive, might be a good idea to have some breaks for coffee?”

“The trainer provides you with a methodological framework to use at all levels of the EPSO competitions!”

“Carmen is a nice and pleasant trainer. She gave us very practical methods to be used in the tests. I feel calmer now!”

“I have been provided with the logical solution and method on how I should approach the E Tray and Cast Study; these help me to structure my logic and my way of thinking!”

“Very clear and specific! Having a procedure that could work in any situation! It is a very good starting point to practice!”

“Training with Carmen was very insightful. The main added value is the focus on the concepts and methodology, easily applicable in many different cases, and supported by clear and practical examples!”

“Very useful to get guidance on how to best structure the E Tray and Case Study with a concrete methodology to follow. Helps to reduce the stress of the unknown, during the exam!”

“Very professional and very up to the point! Makes you think at thinks that you might not have and learn the way of doing these exercises!”

“Very good presentation of what is needed for succeeding the exams. Focus on the right method to apply to almost any type of EPSO exam. Focus on how to prepare a well structured, coherent case study. I can only recommend it!”

“I don’t know yet what will be the outcome of my competition, but, at the stage, I feel that Carmen gave me the right tool and strategy to approach it. What I like the most in Carmen’s training is her very structured and rational approach to EPSO competitions. Now, I have a strategy, I have to do the preparation!”

“I really appreciate the explanation of the methodology and I gin in confidence today! Carmen has a lot of experience in coaching and give really good tips. This has really been a very appreciated training!”

“This course confirmed to me how much a good methodology is important! I also discovered something more about myself!”

“Excellent trainer! Proposes practical tips on how to cope with these exams. The best training I have followed so far!”



“Carmen is an excellent coach! We spent an amazing day together and she helped me a lot in detecting my weak point and developing my strengths! I would warmly recommend coaching sessions with her, since you will receive completely different perspective of the Assessment Centre for EPSO competitions!”

“Carmen has practical, down to earth advice on how to cope with all the tests of the Assessment Centre. Her strategies are tailored for each exercise and take into consideration also the candidate’s personality type. I am sure that her advice will make the candidate feel more confortable with the tests and reduce the nerves on the big day!”

“Thank you Carmen for giving me a boost of confidence! I feel prepared to face the interviewers during my Assessment Centre. You are very professional, you have an amazing knowledge of the EPSO competitions and beyond!”

“Great experience! It was a good opportunity to meet other candidates who are invited to the Assessment Centre. Carmen opened my eyes on personalities and gave us tips and suggestions on how to face the Assessment Centre in the best way!”

“Thanks Carmen! I got to know the definition and purpose of all tests of the Assessment Centre. I received tips on how to create my own strategy that I am going to use. I very much appreciate the positive attitude of the coach!”

“Carmen’s Assessment Centre training definitely helped me get in depth ideas of how to best prepare for the day. I have two weeks left until my Assessment Centre day and I know for sure on what to spend my time!”

“Carmen provides clear strategies on how to prepare for the competitions. I took her Assessment Centre training and I felt it was a very good use of time and money! Thank you Carmen!”

“Carmen’s training was very useful as a scene setting for the exam. We got a through walk through and the information was very valuable. Carmen is well versed in the netty gritty of the EPSO exams. Highly recommended!”

“Thank you for the training! Great tips that I have learned today! Hope to get back to you with good news about my competition!”

“Enlightening, to the point, really helpful to prepare for the exams! Impressive concentrated knowledge!”

“BRILLIANT training! Unusual setting, exceptional trainer, perfect combination to prepare you for the unexpected! I strongly recommend!”



“Excellent training! Carmen is straight to the point, focusing on the result and providing very useful and constructive feedback! Thanks!”

“If you want to grow and prepare for the Assessment Centre, you definitely would benefit from an intense day full of insights, structure, exchanges and opportunities!”

“The training was very enlightening and to the point. I think it will help me a lot to pass the competition where I participate! Thank you Carmen!”

“It was my firs experience with Carmen and the training for the Assessment Centre. It was a very positive experience as I learned all I have to know about the EPSO competitions and all the AC tests. We did a good practice for the group exercise as well, so, now, I feel ready to go for the Assessment Centre day!”

“My full day training for the Assessment Centre with Carmen was extremely useful, to the point and structured. I recommend for any candidate that wants serious preparation!”

“Thank you Carmen for the very interesting and mind opening training day! I have mostly appreciated the no-nonsense, structured minimum words for maximum impact approach! I believe it really helped me envision how the Assessment Centre will work and how to best prepare for it!”

“One day training, going through the different tests is challenging! However, we got tips and tricks to practice further! More time would be great to go deeper in each and every test, but, this is for us now to follow up and follow through! Thank you!”

“Very good day!! Very to the point, frank, and honest coach, that can give good advice, very good advice, well structured!”

“I came out of the session being much clearer about how I need to prepare and how to structure my work and performance. Many thanks for a very constructive training!”

Successful candidate for the AD5 competition 20/04/2018

Successful candidate for the AD5 competition 20/04/2018

“I have just received the results of the latest AD5 competition. I was successful and I’m on the reserve list.

I would like to thank you for the advice and tips during the coaching, both during the individual sessions and during the full-day group training. I’m sure that I succeeded thanks to building my preparation and on-the-spot exam strategy on the basis that you helped me build up.

I would certainly recommend you to anyone who wants to succeed at an EPSO competition.”

Successful candidate for the AD5 competition 20/04/2018
FEEDBACK: AST3 Finance competition 24/02/18

FEEDBACK: AST3 Finance competition 24/02/18

“You have to have guts to work with Carmen. You have to have brain and courage. You have to be ready to use them at the highest level and face the challenge. And finally, you have to be ready to succeed. No excuses, no way around! In brief – this is Carmen!!! And I am happy to say it – I succeeded! Thank you, Carmen! “

FEEDBACK: AST3 Finance competition 24/02/18


Excellent overview of the whole set of tests of the Assessment Centre. Carmen suggested a very clear structure and methodology. She provided useful feedback, adapted to each personality type and she was available to answer a wide array of questions!

I would strongly recommend Carmen’s coaching sessions, it was very useful for me to get clear insights into the Assessment centre tests and address my preparation without reading a lot of manuals!

Carmen is clear, concise and structured; she gave a comprehensive overview of the Assessment Centre and the Case Study. Strongly recommended!

I had different courses on the Assessment Centre, but Carmen helped me to look at the exercises from a different perspective, giving valuable advices and strategies on how to handle the competition!

Carmen is not just a EPSO trainer, she is also a career coach. She knows more about yourself than you do and she analyses your weaknesses and transforms them into strengths. I really and honestly recommend her!

I really enjoyed my training today with Carmen. She is an excellent coaching I am feeling more confident to pass the EPSO exams. She gave us not only professional advices but also a view on our professional life and career!

Carmen did a great job in making the entire process of the Assessment Centre very clear. In particular, she focused on the pitfalls that you certainly have to avoid. I am definitely way more confident now in going to the Assessment Centre!

I heard about Carmen from my colleagues and, I can say, I was not disappointed! The full day training for the Assessment Centre gave me not just a clear understanding of what is going to happen on the day of the exam, but, as well a strategy and framework to prepare and perform to the best of my abilities!

FEEDBACK: Auditor AD7 Competition 14/12/17

FEEDBACK: Auditor AD7 Competition 14/12/17

” I’d like to personally thank Mrs Carmen Peter for the very valuable professional coaching and support she provided me during the Auditor AD7 Competition I underwent in 2016. Mrs Peter is an highly qualified and experienced professional coach, with broad expertise and mastery in both the Private and Public/EU context. Understanding how the different contexts operates, she effectively coached me on how I should have prepared my CV and structured the Talent Screener to best address the requirements and criteria of the Competition. She also supported me for the Assessment Center helping me understand the overall framework and how to best demonstrates my soft skills and unique personality. As result, I successfully passed the Competition and entered the Reserve List.

Mrs. Peter has been equally important for the preparation of my job interviews with both the Recruiting Panel and the Director General enabling me perform at my best and successfully get offered the new position.

I highly recommend Mrs. Peter to anyone who wish to start a new career journey in the EU as well as to those who wish to continue to professionally grow and expand their own self-awareness and confidence, both in the public and private sector. The return of the investment is guaranteed!! “

FEEDBACK: Auditor AD7 Competition 14/12/17
FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 21/10/17


I recommend Carmen’s training session! She gave a very precise and targeted advice and practical guidelines covering all different aspect for he competition’s preparation. She paid specific attention to the different competition profiles, CAST, ADs, Lawyer linguist, during the training session in order to adapt and make the content and examples relevant to the participants’ expectations!

Carmen’s training provides some very interesting practical tips for the EPSO Assessment Centre and not only! After her explanations, you will be much more self aware and prepared to face any hiring procedure!

This was a very interesting day, which give the keys to prepare in the best possible way the different steps of the Assessment Centre. Working in the group it is a good opportunity as well to practice in real professional situation and to exchange good practices!

The training was well organised and structured! The time allocation was appropriate to get an idea about the content and the requirements in the Assessment Centre. I was able to test myself in the group exercise.

Carmen gives you a good structure and a strategy to prepare the Assessment Centre. Her advice for the interviews and the group exercise are also useful.

I found Carmen’s training extremely useful! She was structured, analytical and strategic! Her tips given on how to approach such exercises like group exercise, case study or oral presentation, were extremely valuable because she thought on how to tackle information against the clock. What I personally appreciate a lot was her ability to “precisely read” the personality and give tailored advice!

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 21/10/17
FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 16/09/17


Thank you Carmen for the structure that I realised I need in order to impose it on myself, to adapt it and then, to find my own way of doing! Secondly, I realised that I was thinking in terms of blaming the other. You taught me to be aware, to go back and think! I need to continue my preparation, on how to present ideas! Thank you again and see you soon!

The training session was very inspiring and constructive! Carmen showed me some aspects of this competition that I had never taken into account an gave me plenty of tools to improve my chances to pass the competition!

Carmen’s Assessment Centre Simulation day is very useful for anyone who would like to take further steps in their professional life and career! The roles and exercises played during the session give you a framework to improve your daily professional life beyond the preparation for the EPSO Assessment Centre!

It was really a good experience. I received very good outlook of the situation on the Assessment Centre. I liked very much the practical examples and the way on how to prepare for the Assessment Centre. Thank you for everything!

Thank you Carmen! It was a perfect day for a perfect Assessment Centre! I would recommend to anyone willing to succeed the EPSO competition!

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 16/09/17


Very useful day! I recommend Carmen to all people who want to pass a EU Competition! She is very professional and clear! Great coach!

Carmen is very precise, organised and provide us with very useful tips and advices for every single step for the AC. She also provides us with valuable and personal feedback. I strongly recommend her AC Training!

Excellent advice, given in an expert and professional manner, so it is very easy to absorb. The practical exercises make a lot of sense and are very revealing. The approach to the group exercise is very natural, as well!

For me, this one day coaching was very useful, not only as for the preparation for the EPSO AC phase, but, as for general advice and ideas for how to direct my career. I enjoyed working with the other participants as well!

It is very well structured AC Training, with plenty of information about each and every step of the Assessment Centre. I feel more confident now and ready to start preparing the Assessment Centre day!

Dear Carmen, thank you very much for all your helpful information! During the training, you gave us very good advice, ideas on how to organise and present the exam! It was a very good training and I understand how much I have to prepare in order to succeed! Thank you very much!

Very useful session for the preparation of the AC! Carmen is a professional coach and she provided us with tips and structure. We are for sure more confident now in preparing the Assessment Centre!

I found the training very useful! Carmen is a very professional coach, she gave us very good tips and there was a good balance between theory and practice. I strongly recommend her AC Training!

I strongly recommend to follow this preparation! Carmen has a very clear, organised, structured approach. Her proposed and shown methodology is very useful to handle the 4 tests of the Assessment Centre. Good behaviour is also an important point of the competencies that are developed during her coaching day!

Director - Successful Candidate - 02/09/2017

FEEDBACK : Director – Successful Candidate – 02/09/2017

“Carmen coached me to prepare for my selection as Director in the European Commission. I appreciated a lot her systematic approach and her ability to identify the personal characteristics and psychology of individuals, which were extremely helpful for my personal development.”

Director - Successful Candidate - 02/09/2017


“The training was a great self discovery experience, to be used not only for my advancement as an EU official but into my day to day work life as well. Definitely today I leave the training with a set of practical tools to become a better and more engaged professional, who successfully manage to use the extensive information on practical issues, with tremendous amount of motivation, that each on of us has to aspire for a better career! “

“Well prepared, a real coach, very intuitive, an expert in understanding each individual ‘s personal traits, character, behaviour. Very straight forward, saying exactly what she believes about one’s performance and personal character! “

“Good Group Training, explaining the theory, interactive with examples, very clear explanations of the Assessment Centre, useful feedback!”

“Structured and intense training, it has helped me to identify strengths and areas of improvement, as well as how to prepare for my next steps of the preparation for the Assessment Centre! “

Carmen Peter provides comprehensive training for the Assessment Centre with lots of practical tips for succeeding the D-day!”

“Very good training and preparation. I have appreciated the method for dealing with the Case Study. Thank you very much Carmen!”

“Valuable, practical information!”

Thank you for this one day training! Inspiring approach for both personal development and EPSO competencies!”

“This one day of Assessment Centre training was very well invested time. Carmen is very professional, efficient and straight to the point. Thank you Carmen!”

“Carmen is such an experienced and self confident coach that gives you the feeling you are in the best place for having the training for EPSO Assessment Centre. She masters the ability to share the knowledge on EPSO competition in a structured an comprehensive way. I am happy to have participating in her coaching session for the Assessment Centre, because now, I have a clear view on how to prepare! “

AD5 Competition - Successful Candidate - 25/07/2017

FEEDBACK : AD5 Competition – Successful Candidate – 25/07/2017

First and foremost I would like to wholeheartedly thank Ms Peter for the serious, direct and effective manner she carries out both her individual coaching and also assessment centre simulations. I managed to attend both types of training and each had their own distinct yet related effect on the way I approached the assessment centre. The methods presented by Ms Peter are unique in their way as they take a completely different route to tackling the day at the assessment centre, which at a first glance is quite daunting. On the day, as tense as one might be, you feel that the approaches taken are very adequate and had it been otherwise the same result might not have been guaranteed. Thanks Ms Peter, I am grateful for your role in my success.

AD5 Competition - Successful Candidate - 25/07/2017


Thank you Carmen for having given us this clear, pragmatic and structured strategy for passing the upcoming AST competition, Assessment Centre phase !

Very good and structured strategy ; strong methodology for the case study and group exercise !

Very useful training which give a clear view fo the selection process. The stress on practical aspect and many tips to face the tests are the added value !

I received a clear structure, principles and advices for the Assessment Centre stage during the group coaching session with Carmen. I have a clear idea on what is waiting for me and what I need to prepare, work on. I am no longer fearful to go to the Assessment Centre. I would definitely recommend Carmen for all the EPSO candidates !

Carmen really goes to the point of the questions. With the precision and examples. I strongly recommend her !

Very practical and useful session that helped me get into concrete issues fo the Assessment Centre phase !

Very useful training .Many interesting ideas and tips for the Assesment Centre !

Competent and professional coach, the full day training is absolutely a must, evem more so if you are a beginner !

Very inspiring training with a lot of tips that could be usef also in everyday work life ! Carmen goes straight to the point ! Excellent !

The training with Carmen exceeded expections as she gave me a great overview of the whole selection process !

Worth every penny !

Successful candidate at the AD 5 Audit Competition

FEEDBACK : Successful candidate at the AD 5 Audit competition

I definitely recommend Mrs. Peter as a very, very professional coach to all applicants for EPSO competitions. She helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and to prepare the assessment centre which is absolutely necessary to pass the competition. Her valuable advice was critical to my successful outcome in the competition. Thank you very much, Mrs. Peter!

Successful candidate at the AD 5 Audit Competition


“Thank you so much for your help with the preparation for the AD7 exams!
I found both the one-on-one and the group sessions being very helpful for me, I consider I learnt a lot of valuable things. The group practice was really helpful for me, allowing me to discover my own reactions while acting in the group and getting precious feedback from you as expert and from the peers as well. The structure of the training was excellent, including the theoretical preparation, the timing and the time allocated for the practical exercises. I will definitely consider having such business coaching sessions with you in the future. Thank you again! “

“- The day’s training was well organised into seperate yet related topics
– The techniques, methodology and material covered was directly related to EU competitions but was also given a psychological twist which was greatly appreciated
– The training is sharp yet in a comfortable environment
– Interaction is highly encouraged which is beneficial to the given contect
– The simulation of the assessment centre is as close as one can get to the real experience”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 22/04/17

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 22/04/17

“my experience about the training with Carmen was beyond expectations. We analysed all the steps of the Assessment Centre so, that now, I fee much more confident about myself in this competition. She knows the subject very well and she is, indeed, the best coach I met in my 20 years of professional career! “
Carmen est un coach tres inspirante et de tres bons conseils. Je la conseille, vivement, a tous ceux qui desirent se preparer au mieux aux epreuves EPSO- Assessment Centre!”

“If you need a crash training to demystify he complexity of the EPSO exams, just give a call to Carmen. She will give you all in 1 day, the tips and tricks to apply, as well as a preparation plan to have the best of your chances to succeed! “

“my training today reached my expectations, because we have spent more time and consequently, we have touched the whole Assessment Centre. For sure, I will repeat the exercise in the future!”

“The training has been very helpful in the sense that it is presented in the very “simple” and “understandable” way, the complicated wording of the Assessment Centre exercises. Well focused, with practice and practical advices for every examples!”

“Carmen demystified the Assessment Centre. The training has been indeed useful!”

“You can spend weeks and weekends reading books about t the EPSO competition and you will not have clear ideas about what to do or, it will take very long to have it; but, today, with only 1 day session, I have a very clear picture of each test of the Assessment Centre and what I have to do or not to do in every single one of them!”

“I would like to show my appreciation for the very comprehensive and interesting journey you took me on today, towards a, hopefully, successful finalisation of my AD9 competition. You showed me the way to go, all I have to do now, is walk it to the end/ Much obliged!”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 22/04/17


Terrific! The preparation was so well done that I suggest this to everybody intending to participate in a E.U. competition! Thanks a lot!
There is a significant added value in this course and I would strongly recommend it!
After Carmen’s coaching I feel really more confident and ready to go for the Assessment Centre!
Thank you for your tips! Your advice is very useful and I am sure I will have much more chance to succeed in the Assessment Centre now!
Clear and valuable coaching and advice to prepare your CV, Talent Screener and the Assessment Centre! Totally recommended!
A very good, in depth analysis of oneself to find the key to open the E.U. door. Carmen is a great coach who boosts your positive features and let you understand your weak points! Thank you very much!
It was really helpful and it helped me to understand the structure of the exam in the Assessment Centre. It introduced me to a new world!
Excellent training! Fully recommended to any EPSO candidates!
Very useful tips on how to manage the time and the exercises! Good advice on behaviour! Recommendation on how to evaluate the individual in the group exercise in order to have a feedback on our own progress throughout the training!
Very useful to ensure a good and solid basis to be well prepared for the Assessment Centre. It can and it should be accompanied by individual coaching session to be the best prepared candidate at the competition and get your name on the reserve list!
Invaluable course for participants in any competition, from AST to AD, provided with unexpected and unique insights on the preparation. Effective methodology, very good tools for further elaboration. A must take for every one who wants to succeed EPSO!



“it was a high level Assessment Centre training, a very valuable experience that made me confident in order to proceed to the next and final step of the EPSO competition!”
very helpful and to the point; EPSO knowledge in a pill”
“very useful training with practical tips and objective feedbacks which helped find the aspects I still have to work on”
“I have just realised how much I still have to prepare: a good start”
“quite interesting and fruitful training to prepare the EPSO Assessment Centre!”
“very structured and focused on the key points”
“wonderful coach! Every session that I attend give envy to go to ask for more!”

Deputy Head of Unit 01/02/2017

Deputy Head of Unit 01/02/2017

“It was the second time I used Carmen’s services, and in both cases I found them extremely useful. She has a very structured and to the point approach. Recently we have done the revision of my CV and prepared for the selection interviews for the Deputy Head of Unit post. I believe her input contributed to my success in getting the position. I will quote a colleague, who said, that mine was one of the most impressive and well written CVs he has seen. Thank you Carmen for everything!”.

Deputy Head of Unit 01/02/2017
Laureate contractual agent 15/01/2017

Laureate 15/01/2017

“Carmen Peter is a really great coach, providing self-confidence and the technical tools needed to pass a selection procedure for the EC. I can only be grateful for her advices. It is really worth investing in your own capacities and development with Carmen. Thanks to her support, I passed a quite difficult selection procedure for a European Agency. But further than that, Carmen also helped me know more about myself (weaknesses and strengths), which is something that will help me during all my life! Thanks, Carmen!”.

Laureate contractual agent 15/01/2017
Laureate 12/07/2016

Laureate 12/07/2016

“I have finished recently an EPSO competition for Administrators in the European Commission. It has been a year long process that I succeeded by investing time and effort in the preparation of each stage. I am certain that Carmen Peter made the difference by coaching me in preparation for the assessment centre. In a simulation of it, Carmen helped me to go through each part identifying my strengths and weaknesses and providing me with valuable tips that boosted my performance and secured the successful outcome.”.

Laureate 12/07/2016
Laureate 07/03/2016 AD5 Generalist competition

Laureate AD5 Generalist competition 07/03/2016

“Working with Carmen is key to truly understand the essentials of the competition. You always learn something new and useful from her coaching. I am looking forward for our next session to start and develope my career at the European institutions.”

Laureate 07/03/2016 AD5 Generalist competition
AST1 competition 23/02/2016

AST1 competition 23/02/2016

“I’d like to thank you, Carmen, once again for your help, for giving me that extra bit of self-confidence I needed to manage this experience. and also for giving me the structure (I needed that one badly) and showing me the bigger picture – not to get bogged down in little details but to focus on the overall impression. thanks also for uncovering those parts of my personality I wasnt even aware of 🙂 I think the benefits of this go even beyond the assessment centre :)”

AST1 competition 23/02/2016


“A very efficient training to understand the logic behind the Assessment Centre exercises and master my performance on the D day!”

“A very well structured training with a lot of useful tips and tricks for the Assessment Centre. I feel more confident going into the exam and I know I am more prepared for future recruitment processes!”

“Carmen really helps you to catch the whole picture of the Assessment Centre within one day”

“ I found the training session extremely useful; I feel that I was provided with a valid methodology but also that I had a chance to get direct feedback on personal specific concerns which is certainly not the case in the context of groups trainings. Thanks Carmen!”

“Comprehensive, to the point and responsive to the questions of the candidates. Of great help! Thanks!”

“I have learned a lot on what is expected of me and how to react properly! The training day was very efficient and it is incredible how much I have learned in so few hours! Further more, in the middle of all this exam preparation, Carmen even takes the opportunity to make the gift of personal information, helping everyone in the personal development journey!”

Successful AD7 Financial Economist

Successful AD7 Financial Economist : 15/11/2015

Carmen helped me in competing successfully in the 2014 EPSO AD 7 competition for financial economists. I have started working with Carmen, well in advance – almost one year before my admission in the Assessment Centre.The whole process is grueling and takes a lot of your stamina and determination but Carmen has supported me through and through. She is very professional and her knowledge of the Epso competition is spot on. She will provide you with that little extra required to stand out among your competitors. The end result is totally worth your time and material investment! Success is very sweet!

Successful AD7 Financial Economist
FEEDBACK: N. 04/09/2015

FEEDBACK: N. 04/09/2015

I successfully participated in the 2014 competition for german-speaking translators. Ahead of the assessment center, I did an intensive training with Carmen which was most useful. Although I knew the structure of the AC already, it was great to receive direct and competent feedback when simulating the different parts of the AC. Carmen gave me some useful hints as to how to present myself, my body language and the specific formulations to use/rather not use in an AC context. Carmen made me feel confident which is probably one of the most important things when you go to an AC. Thanks again!

FEEDBACK: N. 04/09/2015


“The Assessment Centre Simulation we had, has brought the final answers to a great part of my questions and fears about this stage of the competition. I will do all my best to follow the advice of our wonderful mentor and for sure, I will come back to her for more self-development sessions! Congratulations for the great belief in themselves that you put in people!”

“THANK YOU CARMEN! The Assessment Centre day with you was some of my best days! You teach me and motivated me to do things in the right way! Your advice helps me to look in a calm way to my future challenge-the EPSO Assessment Centre day. I really advice, everyone who wants to work in the European Institutions, to arrange a coaching with you!”

“This training has been a very instructive and enjoyable experience! It gave me a road map for improving my skills to be tested at the Assessment Centre. Thank you Carmen!”

“The session on the Assessment Centre helped me to focus on what my strengths and weaknesses are, to cope with them, at the best, in my EPSO exams. Carmen has a vast experience on EU exams and a clear, empathetic and motivating way to communicate. She also created a very nice working experience during the training day! Thank you!”

“The training with Carmen for the Assessment Centre was, by far, the best I took as preparation for a EU competition! I still don’t know whether it will lead to a final success or not, but, for sure, I will take many lessons with me after today’s training! Carmen managed to spot some key weak points in y professional attitude and I hope I can work on them and turn them into strengths. For the time being, I can only say: thanks a lot and see you for the next step!”

FEEDBACK: newly appointed Head of Unit, European Commission 01/09/2015

FEEDBACK: newly appointed Head of Unit, European Commission 01/09/2015

Carmen is very knowledgeable, experienced and professional coach.  Her advice was extremely helpful for my succesfull application as Head of Unit in the European Commission.  I really enjoyed working with her. “

FEEDBACK: newly appointed Head of Unit, European Commission 01/09/2015
FEEDBACK: D. 06/08/2015

FEEDBACK: D. 06/08/2015

I have worked with Carmen for almost a year, in preparation for the assessment centre of not only one but two EPSO concours! I strongly recommend Carmen to anyone facing a similar recruitment experience not only for her deep knowledge of the EU Institutions and their hiring processes, but also for her kind support and inspiration she provides in all those moments when you think you have reached your limits. She also knows very well how to bring out your strong points and improve the less positive ones. I look forward to working with her again in the near future for my professional development.

FEEDBACK: D. 06/08/2015
FEEDBACK: H.  <em>Head of Unit at an Agency</em> 25/07/15

FEEDBACK: H.  Head of Unit at an Agency 25/07/15

“I applied for a Head of Unit position at a European Agency. Having little experience with EU recruitment processes in the past and coming from a country where the idea of a “concourse” is completely alien, I decided that I needed some help to prepare for the assessment process. Carmen was recommended to me in the most emphatic terms and I gave he a ring with barely ten days remaining until the assessment (interview / assessment centre).

In some very intense and challenging session Carmen equipped me with the tools I needed to go to the interview and assessment centre with confidence. During the interview there was not a single question for which I had not been prepared by Carmen and as I have succeeded in the selection process and have received some feedback I now know that the assessors were particularly impressed with my performance in the interview.

I also feel that I took extremely valuable lessons for my self- and people-management from the training with Carmen and I look forward to continuing to cooperate with her in helping me be not just a better presented candidate but also a better and more successful head of unit. I recommend Carmen unreservedly.”


Head of Unit at an Agency

FEEDBACK: H. Head of Unit at an Agency 25/07/15
FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 25/04/15

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 25/04/15

“Doing the Assessment Centre training with Carmen was very inspiring and useful! Now I know what to expect and how to behave during the day. I am convinced that it will have a huge impact on my performance during the Assessment Centre day! “

“Very useful exercise! Many practical examples and concrete recommendations. It was definitely worth spending the day with Carmen and training on the Assessment centre!”

“very good theoretical introduction and explanations necessary to understand how the Assessment Centre functions! And, also, very good first impressions on your starting point, so that you can really concentrate on the necessary improvement during the preparation period!”

“ useful hints! Structure that makes you feel secure! Valuable exercises and interactions with the other candidates”

“Carmen helped me to see what I could do to manage my weaknesses! She gave me a structured approach to tackle something that is completely out of my league! I would definitely warmly recommend her!”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 25/04/15


“Carmen has an incredible presence! Brings out the things that you do not notice and give you the cure. It worth every minute!”

“having this Assessment Centre training session allowed me to see in the mirror my weak points and to improve a lot during a single day”!

“Carmen”s coaching was very helpful in providing structures to be used as a strategy for the Assessment Centre. I now feel much more confident on how I will focus the preparations for my upcoming A.C.!”

“Throughout the day I felt Carmen’s support and I improved thanks to this and thanks to the interactions with the other participants”

“It was very positive to work during the day with other persons under Carmen’s attentive look, who knew give us a lot of tricks and tips! Very useful to face the tests of the Assessment Centre! Her experience in this matter is indeed very important to be better prepared for that big day!”

“Interesting experience and indeed very helpful to improve my group exercise skills and the responses for the structured interview!”

I had a good intense preparatory day to face my Assessment Centre tests! Useful and straightforward tips for Structured Interview, Case study, Group exercise!”

“This is an eye opener! You will end up learning something new; each of us walked away with something relevant to their needs. These types of tests are not covered by books and these practical experiences felt so much more useful!”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 21/02/15

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 21/02/15

“thank you Carmen! For your insights and things to work on and improve before going to the Assessment Centre. You helped me build the level of self confidence I need to succeed in the EPSO competition!”

“the training was very useful and help me to understand better what skills and competences will be assessed in the EPSO competition. And, also, I learned today techniques that will help me to better communicate in my daily professional life and in all walks of life!”

“Clear instructions, good methods to use in several situations, good knowledge of different aspects of communication for our interventions in oral presentations”

“the training was very useful and preparing my participation in the assessment centre. I came away with concrete strategies for how I need to go about preparing as well as identifying weaknesses I need to address!”

“the training with Carmen was particularly useful for going through, in a very effective way, the full assessment centre exercises. She pointed out to our strengths and weaknesses as she knew us for a long time. It has been very nice to receive smart advice and a very sincere feedback on our personal traits. I full recommend this exercise with Carmen and I will certainly take advantage of her coaching one-on-one in the near future!”

“the EPSO Assessment Centre with Carmen is a great and useful way to prepare! Not only has it helped me getting a better grasp of what is expected, it also has boost my self confidence tremendously!”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 21/02/15


“Professional, good coaching, great competencies, confidence-building; Carmen has such a good ability to explain in a structured way complex issues. She stays calm and checks up upon the real understanding of the issues by her clients. Worth going to see her!”

“I learnt some new and useful methods and approaches which I need now to adapt to my personal way of doing things!”

“Very good EPSO tests theory, presenting the methodology in a simple and structured way”

“Very personal approach, explanation of the difficult problems in simple ways. It helped me to see myself in different and better way. And now, I believe I can do the verbal reasoning!”

“I have been exercising and learning for several years to pass the EPSO exams. I also took 2-3 training courses but I have never left a training day as confident as I am after training with Carmen! Thank you!

PS I always lived with the impression that I was bad at maths; well, I am not anymore!”



“I would say an excellent coach and a professional woman that I admire! During the Assessment Training day, I have learned the structure on which I can develop further! Thank you!”

“Carmen gave me all the information I wanted to have and I expected when watching her videos before joining the training. She helped my self-confidence, broaden my horizon and she helped a lot to understand the whole procedure for the EPSO Assessment Centre and EPSO competitions in general”

“”Very helpful training with a lot of practical examples. Clear tips and structural approaches help me to discover which are the areas I need to work on in order to improve”

“Technically the EPSO Assessment Centre simulation vas very good and well structured. The likelihood that I will continue with Carmen since there are still plenty of things to improve, for EPSO and for my private and professional life!”

“You will get information and tips how to do things for each part of the Assessment Centre. You will learn how to structure and build upon your presentation/performance. You will get feedback on how good you were and what you need to improve, areas for improvement. The coach has a very good knowledge about the EPSO process as a whole, and, obviously she shares a lot!”



“Extremely useful! A constructive dive in the essence of the Assessment Centre exercises, structured enough to bring a lot of information and practical simulations, and relaxed and informal enough to create a friendly and fun experience!”

“Carmen shows an inspiring confidence and knows how to guide in the personal development. She gave us key tips that I will retain for my preparation and during the Assessment Centre”

“Well prepared and practical training. I got useful advice and more important and methodology to practice the Assessment Centre. She is very knowledgeable and experienced, I can say, I am in a better position to succeed!”

“This training was extremely useful for my preparation for the Assessment Centre and the case study. The tips the on the structure and time keeping will give an advantage for my individual practice for the second round! I would highly recommend Carmen Peter for anyone preparing for EPSO competitions!”

“Carmen gave us interesting advice and recommendations to prepare for the EPSO competitions. Her experience and personal examples represent a real added value to better understand what is expected from candidates!”

“I liked the way this training was conducted: smoothly but efficiently! I am now reassured about what’s going to happen during these selections tests, especially how to deal with t the timing and the structuring of each exercise!”

“The greatest value added I got from Carmen’s training is the structured approach which can be applied to all the EPSO tests. This, I believe will help me prepare and be ready for the exams!”

“Very good training! Carmen has the experience and provides specific examples to her feedback. After today’s training, I am much better prepared and equipped to continue my preparations. Carmen’s feedback goes also on a personal coaching directions, which give me also more confidence on how to approach the next steps!”

“The very useful insights Carmen gave to us will be essential to prepare for the Assessment Centre. Following a very logical structure, I now feel that I have the right tools to practice!”

“ I would like to thank Carmen for he useful advices, the help on planning the exam approach, spot on the point of attention on body language and behaviour under stressful conditions. And, what is more, she is such a nice guest!”



I had an individual coaching session with Ms. Carmen Peter when I was preparing for my AD9 assessment centre tests and interview. The coaching session was intense, very much to the point. Ms. Peter gave me excellent advice, tips and tricks, and indeed I passed the assessment centre testing and am now on the AD9 reserve list. Ms. Peter’s input was invaluable as it pinpointed the specific topics, skills, requirements the EPSO selection board and the external testing company look for and she helped me shape, model and direct my words, skills, experience specifically to this role. I highly recommend her! Thank you once again!

- Ivana Damjanic-Bresan, EPSO AD9 reserve list
Christian Noacco

Coaching with Carmen is very efficient. She is able to quickly identify psychological profiles and orientate behaviors for effective interpersonal skill development.

Sessions provides great insights on individual needs, balanced mix between theoretical and practical approach and enable actionable plans .  Great experience !  Thank you.

Christian Noacco Director, GE

Thank you, again, for the discussion today: so insightful, so right-on-the-point …

I am always looking for your ‘What I hear here’, as you manage to categorize complex personal situations into more specific, understandable and manageable smaller problems.

Your advises complemented by small funny stories helped me to depassionate the current situation and better overcome it.

Personal development is a long journey and it was good to have your guidance

GE Director
Mareks Kovalevskis

Once again Carmen helped me as I was preparing for an important job interview, Head of Department at the European Commission (our first coaching was 5 years ago for the post of Head of Unit). She gave me clear guidance on the most important aspects, and, best of all, she made me realise much more distinctly what my real strengths were. This gave me the additional confidence that I needed for the interview.

I got the job. Thank you Carmen!

Mareks Kovalevskis Head of Department

Hello Mrs Peter,

I would like to thank you for today’s workshop you made about Personality types. Your speech was really inspiring and given in a very interesting and professional manner.

It was a great pleasure listening to you!

Wish you all the best!



S.A. Stagiaire
EPSO competition, AD12, Head of Unit, reserve list

At the time when I was embarking on my journey towards a permanent job at the middle-

management level in the EU institutions, I recognized the need for professional support. I knew it was particularly important to find a coach who would believe in me and who would see my true potential. Friends recommended Carmen and we clicked immediately. Her approach resonated very well with me.

As we were working towards unfolding of all my strengths that had previously remained in the shadows, my personal confidence increased with each session. When the time came for me to face the final stages of my competition, it felt like being an athlete on the eve of the Olympics: I was in such a good overall shape, thoroughly prepared, with a fair amount of rehearsing behind me, calm and focused, that I was actually looking forward to the Assessment Centre. The experience turned out to be not only interesting but also enjoyable.

During our work together, Carmen made sure that we never lose sight of what is really important. She detected areas that needed improvement; we worked on these areas and I improved. I had previous experience in managing people and Carmen provided theoretical background to add structure to my way of thinking. With Carmen I absorbed a lot of what is usually referred to as the EU mind-set.

My work with Carmen was a process that affected many aspects of my personality. I have become much more confident, gained clarity on many issues; my potential has unveiled and continues to develop. Throughout my adult life, I have been a big believer in personal improvement, life-long learning and development, getting insights, integrating experience and becoming wiser, balanced and more content. The wisdom gained in my work with Carmen has helped me pave the way towards professional achievements which had previously been unimaginable to me.

I intend to stay in contact with Carmen and look forward to continue the coaching in my new job.

EPSO competition, AD12, Head of Unit, reserve list

Hi Carmen,

It was great to spend the entire Saturday with you. Thanks a lot for the training. Some more people will contact you)



C.S. Consultant

Carmen Peter’s coaching method proved to be highly beneficial to me for my EPSO A/C preparation. Her professional approach and in-depth psychological insight impressed me and helped me achieve my best!

Head of Unit, AD9_AD12 EPSO Reserve list

Working with Carmen Peter is a life-time investment, it’s a valuable exercise to realise your potential and prepare yourself for the desired performance. Very professional approach. Thank you!

Head of Unit, AD9_AD12 EPSO Reserve list

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 16/11/13

"Thank you! I feel more confident now that I leave the training than when I came this morning. I enjoyed spending this day getting to know myself better, and, I will see you again in the future!"

"I think that the instructions for preparing the oral presentation, structured interview and case study are essential for succeeding!"

"Very good communication skills, well organised!"

"Good feedback and advices for all the exercises of the Assessment Centre!"

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 02/11/13

“Carmen knows exactly how to adapt to each personality type and can really helps you address your weaknesses and to highlight your strengths! She is more than a trainer, she is a very good psychologist and can help you develop yourself not only for EPSO tests but for your professional life too"

“A very good preparation course, not a lot of “bla-bla”, but a lot of “first this, second that…” very concrete and informative! Will happily do more training with Carmen!”

“You really helped me to structure my answers! Everything I learned here, will be useful, not only when looking for a job, but also in real life situations!”

“Interesting training, coaching method, which does help you to know yourself better”

“Merci pour cette journée de formation, c’est bien sur un peu court mais ça couvre bien l’ensemble des besoins et ça m’a permis d’ouvrir les yeux et de tester en live certains aspects! Un des meilleurs conseils que j’ai jamis reçu avant: tu ne connais personne ici et tout le monde aura oublié demain comme tu as pris la parole, alors, vas-y!”

“To keep it simple: I used three different coaches in the same period, Carmen helped me the most”

“I have tried several trainings, but with Carmen you immediately know what she is talking about! Very structured, goal oriented and amazing feeling for people, which really helps to adapt to every individual”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 19/10/13

“the training was very helpful! Given that it was only one day long, Carmen,creatively developed a methodology to have us experienced all the phases of the Assessment Centre exercises and learn more about us and others.

I think such a method is very effective and I was very glad to have direct and unbiased feedback from everybody about my way of working and interacting throughout the day”

Coaching was very good and well structured! We learned a lot of new things which will be very helpful to pass a selection. Carmen is such a nice person, keeping the team in good mood throughout the day

Very professional setting and timing; team exercises are a very good idea; mix between feedback theory and practice is very helpful; overall very helpful and insightful day, thank you!

The group exercises were a great opportunity to train for the assessment centre, it really helped me a lot! I realised a can have good ideas and impose myself to the group! The feedback given by others is a very good idea as well; the trilogy: theory, practice, feedback is very useful”

Thank you Carmen for the very useful one-day coaching sessions to prepare for the EPSO Assessment Centre! I definitely learned new things about myself, some even surprising, which I will be more aware about from now on. I will also use all the tactics and tips you gave me for the EPSO competition, which provide an overall structured approach to these exercises. Obviously, I will keep you posted”

Powerful combination of information and emotional exercising in the context of the Assessment Centre! Rare occasion to exercise the Assessment Centre with very detailed and useful feedback, which give vey good ways to continue the preparation in the best possible manner. I enjoyed it!

You are my first coaching experience and I am very impressed by the amount of information received in a very accessible, easy to understand way; I will be back for sure, for the one-to-one coaching sessions! Thank you very much, it was an eye-opener experience!

Great ideas for personal development! On techniques for presentation skills, tweaking your points, structuring, ways of working and content. On personal inclinations, how not to fall into the trap of action on gut instinct under stress and recognise your personal inclinations and motivations.

Very useful training to get to know yourself better, not only for preparing the Assessment Centre but also, and most important, for yourself

 Successful candidate of the COM/AD/11/10

”When I got the invitation for the Assessment centre, I had no clue of what that meant, although I had been in the past successful in previous EPSO competitions. Luckily a friend introduced me to Carmen Peter and… that was it!

After a short, but intense and extremely efficient training (of just 1 full day) I got all I needed to happily see myself now in a list of successful candidates.

Carmen is the ideal coach because she knows of many ways to take the best out of you, and this is important, not only for a competition, but for every single day of our professional life. Thank you Carmen”

Successful candidate of the COM/AD/11/10 – AD6 concours
 Successful candidate in EPSO

I think that if you want to achieve something you must believe and work hard to get it. But working hard on your own sometimes is not enough to bring you on the right track. When a colleague advised me to go to see a personal coach for the preparation to my oral EPSO exam I knew this was the right thing. Luckily enough that coach was Carmen! In a few hours coaching she transformed one of the thousands candidates into one of the few successful  ones. What is most incredible is that Carmen does not fill you in with redundant theories but essential useful tricks and most of all makes you understand how to best use your own resources. My obstacle was mainly in the way I communicated to others. During our sessions Carmen ‘played’ around with what I had but didn’t know how to use, shortly she unlocked my potential.  I passed the competition and I am overall more aware of my strengths.  This coaching experience will stay with me forever. Thank you!

Successful candidate in EPSO AST/117/11

"I enjoyed a lot the training and I am sure that it will help me in the future anyway, if I pass the EPSO Assessment Centre or not!"

"Thank you! An experience that confirmed and enriched my knowledge about human behaviour, in the EPSO competition and of course, not only there!"

"Your coaching helped me a lot in my presentation and in the group exercise, the way I relate with every body; thank you!"

"Very good and to the point: it has been a day full of useful advice!"

"so professional! You make the others feel really good! Thank you!"

Feedback: EPSO assessment centre training the 22/09/12

Reserve list AD7 13/09/2012

Sometime ago I decided to participate in the EPSO competition. In order to improve my interview skills I asked Carmen’s professional consulting.

Her strategy was as follows:

  • She identified the points that needed improvement
  • She gave me study instructions, hints and tips for the exam
  • She focused on resume building (provided tips in order to optimize my resume appearance and content) and interview skills
  • She helped me prepare for the interview, giving practical instruction on stress relieve and time management.

All the above were carried out in a highly efficient manner, proving Carmen to be an experienced and gifted career coach. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve his/her employability and increase the chances to succeed in EPSO competition.

Reserve list AD7 13/09/2012
Camelia 15/08/2012

Carmen has helped me prepare for the Assessment Centre in the AD7 ICT competition through a full day AC training session, followed by a series of 1:1 coaching.

Looking back at the preparation phase and the (positive) EPSO evaluation which I just received, there are two aspects on which I feel she helped me enormously:

  1. 1. Information: she has provided me an invaluable insight about what to expect at the Assessment Centre, and concretely how to prepare for each of the exercises. She has helped me approach this very methodically, providing guidance for preparation and evaluation/feedback not only in the general exercises, but also in my specialist field.
  2. 2. A fine psychologist/coach: personality traits proved to be highly important in several AC exercises. Carmen has helped me understand myself better,  by not only mapping my strengths and weaknesses, but also helping me put them in relevant context and use them in my advantage during AC. Her help and feedback here are not only applicable within EPSO context, but also outside, in my personal and professional experience

Overall, in my EPSO evaluation (competency pass), many of the things she thought me were listed as positive evaluation – so it did made a difference!!

I fully recommend Carmen to anyone who is serious about passing and EPSO competition and wants to significantly boost his/her chances for success.

Camelia 15/08/2012

“Working with you is really inspiring; you have made me see things from a different perspective; I am sure now I have more tools to get the job I want: a well spent Saturday and well spent money! Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed the day and I think it has been so useful to get more confident on my skills and to focus on weaknesses to address before the Assessment Centre”

“Approach to case study response was very useful; discussions on different personality types in group exercise was also very insightful”

“Well organised and planned; exercises very useful during the Assessment Centre; good techniques and ways to plan each element of the case study and of the Assessment Centre; useful tips and tricks”

“It is good you gave a clear structure and method that will help us to stay focused and result oriented during the day of the Assessment Centre and case study”

“I like the examples you gave, it provides a good view of what can happen or can be a good way of dealing with Assessment Centre situations”

“excellent reader of our minds, original organisation”

“It was a very intense day! Very nice atmosphere and good tips; and, it is always useful to learn about ourselves”

“Thank you for the course and the time spent together; it was very useful to focus on our respective personalities and to reflect on the processes of all the parts of the competition”

“I liked the way the training was organised, cause it made me understand more deeply the things that I already knew about the exam and I learned many new things not known before, and, probably, I wouldn’t have had

“From where to find; I liked the personality types and the interactivity of the course”

“thanks for the great training! Useful tips, indications and explanations; beautiful atmosphere among participants, not competitive but strongly cooperative; not a “formal” course, but a very useful coaching; I hope ti will helps for the competition, but I am sure it worked for me as a person!”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 18/08/12

“from the first time that we spoke I felt a very warm person! Regarding the training, it made me understand what are the requests in the AC and what I need to focus on during the exam. It was an experience useful for life not only for the EPSO competition! Thank you for making me discover things that I did not know about me! The working environment during that day was great one, indeed!”

“”the group exercise was simulated during the morning; this is a big advantage! You have lots of experience to share and it was done on a relaxed way. The day passed in a very pleasant manner”

“the AC preparation day has been a very good experience, especially having the possibility to interact with other candidates. I now have a much clear view of it and it is no longer a “black box”! Carmen has a very constructive approach and we have made the most of the day and her valuable feedback!”

“useful interaction with other participants of the EPSO competition. Good tips for the preparation!”

“although EPSO changes their tests almost every year… Carmen seems to have the key! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know exactly how your assessment centre will be the strategies provided by Carmen give you the clues to offer the best of yourself! She helps you to get confidence and points you the road to success in the EPSO competitions!”

“useful, learned confidence through hearing other candidates! Some good practical tips for answer the interview questions. Learned from Carmen posture, slow calm way of answering questions. In-tray examples very useful because no exercise elsewhere!”

“great personality! Pleasant session! Very smart brain dominance theory! Very useful class and learned a lot! Very experienced and perceptive coach!”

“it was a good preparation for the AC, in particular for the group exercise as we were working in groups during the whole day! Also, it is a good way to know more about one’s own competitors and their personality and how to approach them during the group exercise!”

“very well-structured training with intense agenda! It may be a good idea to hold it over 1.5 day. Excellent insight into one’s strengths and weaknesses!”

“in general terms is a useful training, with a good overview of the different stages of the exam. Keep up the good job! Thanks!”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 26/05/12

“if you do not want to be surprised how the assessment centre works, when you attend it for the first time, go for this training, you will not be surprised anymore!”

“it was a very useful day to prepare for the assessment centre. Thank you for your feedback and tips. I enjoyed the training and feel in a much better position to go for the assessment centre now. Thank you!”

“it was a very productive way to dig into ourselves and discover our types. Useful to know how to stand in front of the audience”

“this training was extremely useful to better structure my way of working and expressing my position. I truly recommend it!”

“this course has provided me the opportunity to practice group work, reflect about myself and learn from the feedback of others. I feel well prepared for the Assessment Centre now!”

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 21/04/12

Oana Cojocaru (17/02/2012)

 “Logical and systematic approach of the reasonings! Carmen developed methods that really work, she helped me to improve my skills and to get very good scores! Very inspirational for the structured interview as well! Many thanks!”

Oana Cojocaru (17/02/2012)
Dana Iepure (17/02/2012)

“I had an individual training with Ms Carmen Peter for the AC for a lawyer-linguists competition. She helped me focus, structure, have confidence and show the jury that I am exactly what they are looking for.  Thanks to her training, not only am I on the reserve list, but I was also contacted for recruitment for a permanent position. Having her as a personal trainer was one of the best choices that I’ve made. I am deeply grateful and I recommend her to anyone who wishes to become and EU official!”

Dana Iepure (17/02/2012)

"very inspirational! More than an EPSO-only-centred-training, this is something about how to better know yourself and how to make the best of your shine!"

"good overview and summary of the Assessment Centre giving a lot of ideas to think about during the preparations"

"too short to be exhaustive, so, I guess, we'll see each other again! This session confirms that EPSO competition needs to be really well prepared in advance. Today was a very good start!"

"the one day training is a good investment, which allows you to learn about the Assessment Centre process in details. It definitely makes you learn little (but so important) aspects of your character, and this way, helps you for your current job as well. Highly recommendable!"


"very inspirational! More than an EPSO-only-centred-training, this is something about how to better know yourself and how to make the best of your shine!"

"good overview and summary of the Assessment Centre giving a lot of ideas to think about during the preparations"

"the one day training is a good investment, which allows you to learn about the Assessment Centre process in details. It definitely makes you learn little (but so important) aspects of your character, and this way, helps you for your current job as well. Highly recommendable!"

"too short to be exhaustive, so, I guess, we'll see each other again! This session confirms that EPSO competition needs to be really well prepared in advance. Today was a very good start!"

"Carmen is able to convey very clearly ideas to focus on and what to do to prepare. I found the session very useful as you are confronted with your own personality and try to make the best of it"

"a training course that helps to build own confidence! Very logical, step by step presentation of the project that I am involved in. course that helped me discover the pluses and minuses of my skills, personality and so on!"

"I found the training extremely useful in teaching how to "organise" my skills and abilities and how to present myself in the best possible light. We were discussing topics that sometimes felt obvious, but difficult to put together in such a concise form, in real life. What I learned is, as well, is how to recognise and adapt my weaknesses and turn them to my advantage. Also, how to present my strengths better so they are more visible."

"the training has really helped me in gaining confidence that I can make it, in getting the job I am looking for, for years! Carmen is very positive, structured and makes you thinking in a wider perspective, facing issues from very different facets and pushing to discover your limits! And how to push them as well!"

"a very challenging training! It really helps to better understand your own strengths and weaknesses in order to face the AC or any professional interview. Demanding. Direct. Clear. I never though I could learn so many practical and useful tips in such a concentrated manner!"

"this was a unique opportunity for me to actually experience the situation I will be faced with in the AC. This gives me the feeling of being far better prepared for what is ahead, than I otherwise would have been. It was a kind of rehearsal for the real thing. This awareness you can only get in a group, with a professional coach-it doesn't come any other way!"


"Excellent training. I readily went through several points that I would have missed otherwise. I have learned how to have a structured work plan. Stitch to a logical framework that could rescue you in difficult situation. The discussions on the personality convinced me to be true during the interview, as when someone is under pressure falls back to its original tendency."

"Thank you very much for the day. I learned a lot from you and from the interactions with the group. Thank you for making me see a few traits of behaviour in myself, that I was not aware of, as well as for the thing you thought about the personality types. This was a wonderful day. Learning a lot of useful things in an environment where we had a lot of fun. Thank you and I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues."

"Your training has helped give me a thorough and convincing structure to tasks that could have led me to fall. The structuring of the case study has reassured me that I am capable of the assessment centre tasks. I have finished the day with new confidence."

"This mock assessment centre is very interesting and complements well the coaching sessions. It allowed me to put into practice the things I recently learned about myself and the working environment. Definitely worth doing!"


"L'exercice a été sans aucun doute utile et très pertinent. Un grand appui pour la motivation, l'attitude, les lacunes à améliorer. A faire sans aucun doute"

"very interesting! It certainly changed my views on strengths and weaknesses"

"excellent ideas on structuring the case study and the oral presentation"

"well structured, well organized; practical and theoretical, good point"

"we had the possibility to communicate and change ideas, interesting points of view, discover our personalities and psychological factors"

"it has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and how to better exploit these in the working situations, and so well, of course, for the assessment centre day"

"I am very pleased with the way Carmen directed the assessment/evaluation of each of our professional background. She provided us with clear, structured model of presenting our strengths and weaknesses, which we were not aware of

"I enjoy it having fun, discovering my own characteristics, which will allow me in the future better direct my professional development"


"A very insightful coach with a holistic approach and a fresh perspective. Very highly recommended!"

"Thank you Carmen for the comprehensive training day! I now feel more confident in going into the Assessment Centre!"

"Professional, thought provoking training"

"A potential help for your preparation for the AC. Get you aware of other aspects of your preparation"

"I got a real good understanding of my strengths and weaknesses"

"I got a clear idea bout what to expect on the A.C. And a lot of useful tips about how to face each of the exercises of the day!"

"Carmen is the way to go to get you ready for the concours. She will drill you based on years of experience in preparing for the EU competitions and dealing with candidates at all levels in their careers. She will hold up a mirror and make you fell more convinced and grounded!"


"I enjoyed the group exercises, the way they were designed and carried out",

"the course helped me realize who I really am",

"opportunity to practice real-life exam situations, sharing best practices, tips and tricks",

"definitely recommend Carmen's course: it helps not only preparing an EPSO exam, but also in building your career and becoming a more considerate and finally a better person. An investment for life",

"interesting group interactions, useful to understand interpersonal dynamics, great suggestions for personal development",

"really interesting, got some good key elements I can work on",

"interesting, professional, you created a good cooperative attitude",

"excellent course, very useful",

"insightful, friendly atmosphere, no nonsense approach"


Maria-Cristina Galassi (30/08/2011)

 “I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful course: thanks to your guidance I really have the impression to know better myself and what I need to improve, not only for the competition but above all for succeeding in life. I am strongly convinced that this will be only the beginning of a personal development and self-awareness process that could change my future.”

Maria-Cristina Galassi (30/08/2011)

Structured and applicable to all kind of EPSO competitions. Good to get a "Forma Mentis".

Very Good atmosphere. You were focused on the objective and managed to pay attention to everyone.

The course is a very good basis for ideas what should be prepared and to what pay attention. Push is given, now is up to us!

Pleasant atmosphere. Would have liked some more feedback from you and possible ways to impove. Good to have some background material.

Thank you for this very good training session. I find it very interesting and inspiring. I have some threads to pursue this development. I would have liked more feedbackon the various exercises although I understand it is not always possible time-wise. Thank you.

Able to communicate clearly the key messages you wanted to make. You generate good group dynamics. A bit too much time was given to prepare the group work of the second exercise (interview). Thank you.

Training: interesting and useful. Coach: Perspicace, human and communication skills.

Very clear explanations. The informations are very relevant. Help me to understand better my weaknesses.

It is difficult to imitate the situation we might face in the assessment centre. The course provided me with valuable elements that surely will improve my preparation.

The session was really helpful to understand the structure of each part of the exam. The presentation was very clear and interactive. I feel like it will help me a lot to improve my presentation skills.

Competent advice, comprehensive coverage of assessmen centre exercices. Friendly and lvely atmosphere encouraging participation. Definitely to be recommended.

Very good as always! It help me a lot to improve my skills and my preparation.

Feedback: EPSO Assessment Centre Trainining Session 29/01/2011

"You created such a good atmosphere in the group, you kept the structure of the day but you left room for questions and comments. You make observations about us without being judgements. Thanks you, I have more confidence in the process"

"I like the way you make us reflect and the way you "manage" strong personalities"

"I can tell that you are good with people"

"Very clear presentation, very accurate observation"

"Knowing Carmen is not just about passing an exam, it's about being yourself , the best you can be"

"Very professional, helps us a lot to get the points we have to focus on for the EPSO competition"

"I very much liked your preparation course. I think it was also positive to do it in such a private atmosphere"

"A second day of full training and still discovering new things. Thanks"

"Very good and versatile approach covering different angles. Perfect mix of providing insight in the tests, practicing and giving feedback. Really adds value for those wanting to participate in the EPSO competition."

Feedback: EPSO assessment centre training the 10/10/2010

"The most helpful seminar I ever had! Very interesting, dynamic, powerful, giving attention to details! Thank you very much!"

"Very competent! Clear presentations!"

"Very good course! Very professional! I liked the way you assessed personalities!"

"Great training! Thank you for sharing your valuable experience with us! Looking forward for the next one and for more details!"

"You helped me understand myself better! You helped to find what to improve in order to succeed in the AC!"

"Very good experience! It is my second AC simulation with Carmen and I learnt even more things about myself! Unique chance to work with other competitors and assess your level!"

"Thanks for the presentation and the information's! Precious!"

"Very knowledgeable, professional, a lot of experience, good relationship with the group! Inspiring confidence!"

"Very useful! Thank you!"

"Thank you! Everything was excellent! "

"Knows the topic in-depth and loves to share it with the group!"

"You are really good at your job! I have learnt a lot about myself today! It was easy to follow you and full of anecdotes!"

"A very professional approach with many things to the point! Proven that people who like their job are doing a good one, especially if combined with experience! Thanks a lot!"

"Very inspiring seminar! I had learnt a lot in a short time!"

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 25/09/10

"I wish it could last for a week! It served not only for the competition, but also for real life."

"Very well organised course! Your feedback is valuable."

"Competent, knowledgeable and warm support!"

"Good and pleasant training! Good to prepare group exercises especially"

"Excellent training sessions!"

"Provides very good insight on simple things that make the big difference during the assessment centre"

"Very helpful and very insightful! Her advice will help me overcome a series of difficulties at the exam"

"A very practical, down to earth, inspired coaching sessions which provides me with very valuable tools to fine-tune my preparation. Thanks!"

"Super-professional! Sessions well structured!"

"Good pace and rhythm, interactive, structured, all four elements were well covered, you know clearly a lot on assessment. Very useful explanations, especially the exercises and feedback!"

"More than just preparing for an assessment centre you get a journey into who you really are. Definitely, the exercises should be included in the programmes of universities too!"

FEEDBACK: EPSO Assessment centre training 10/09/10

Alba Bara (30/08/2011)

“The preparation sessions that I’ve passed with Miss Peter were very helpful in order to face the interview. She provided me with very valuable advices and relevant information about the content and structure of the interview. Moreover she helped me to clarify and organise all my ideas and with the presentation of my CV as well of the development of the differents skills that are evaluated in the competition. For sure I improved my skills thanks to her sessions. I strongly recommend to contact her in order to be ready for the Assesment Centre.”

Alba Bara (30/08/2011)
Oana Manea Niculescu

“If you need some help with any EPSO competition, job interview, time management advice or career coaching, I recommend Carmen Peter with all my heart as a professional, outstanding coach. She helped me preparing an EU competition and I pleasantly recommend her to anyone aproaching this type of exam, and not only. It was a pleasure to work with her. Thank you, Carmen.”

Oana Manea Niculescu
Diana Cioponea

“I warmly recommend Carmen to everyone interested to get a career with the European Institutions. Carmen can help you succeed in a competition or to further develop your career. She is a very successful coach. Thank you Carmen!”

Diana Cioponea
Ramona Samson

“Spend a few hours with Carmen and it is sure that you will come away as a smarter, better performing and more confident person. Carmen’s excellent knowledge about the European public administration and goal-oriented approach bring incredible results for your career development. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as an outstanding coach to anyone needing to prepare an EPSO competition.”

Ramona Samson
Maciej Szkopanski

“Carmen is a very professional and excellent coach who helped me succeed in the Epso competition. She was able to highlight my strongest points needed for the exam as well as very effective in building my self-confidence. I would like to recommend her to those who need to improve their personal presentations and prepare themselves for EPSO exams!”

Maciej Szkopanski
Catrinel Cutova

“Carmen is an excellent coach and trainer and you should contact her for any big change in your professional life for high standard profesional consulting. She is a goal-oriented, positive, dynamic and charismatic person and her coaching sessions can improve and transform you and your presentation and communication style.”

Catrinel Cutova
Andrei Mungiu

“Carmen was an excellent coach in my quest to pass the EPSO open competition. She managed to pull out the essential out of my profile, helped me focus on what really matters and, most of all, gave me the required courage and confidence to perform well.

I hope we will collaborate together in the future. I’d recommend her to anyone that needs coaching for a specific objective, and also to those who want career guidance.”

Andrei Mungiu
Anton Tchipev

“Carmen coached me for the oral exam of an EPSO competition. I was impressed by her professionalism and ambition to achieve best results with every client. She drew my attention to some important aspects, of which I was not aware despite having done some other trainings. I recommend her in the strongest possible terms.”

Anton Tchipev
Szilárd Szakács

“Carmen was coaching me for an EPSO oral exam. During the coaching my self-esteem grew significantly, while her training made me more confident, more committed to what I am doing and helped me to organize myself and my thoughts better. Her expertise is undoubted and I can highly recommend to anyone!”

Szilárd Szakács
Victoria Piedrafita

“I have prepared the oral exam for the European Institutions AST3 legal assistant in November 2009 with Carmen Peter and I have passed the exam very successfully. The preparation with Carmen has helped me very much, in particular, to be able to introduce myself and transmit my knowledge in the most appropriate way and to acquire the self-confidence to do my best during the exam.”

Victoria Piedrafita
Mareks Kovalevskis

“With her excellent knowledge, people skills and individual approach Carmen helped me to succeed in an EPSO Heads of Unit competition and subsequently in a very tough internal competition for a post of Head of Unit at the Council of the EU. I sincerely recommend her as personal coach to anyone wishing to attain ever higher goals in their career.”

Mareks Kovalevskis
Vangelis Stavropoulos

“Carmens Peters approach to training is dedicated and goal orientated. Because of her efforts my communication and public speaking skills have improved significantly. Also she was instrumental in helping me prepare for a specific talk which went swimmingly because of her help and understanding. I strongly recommend Carmens coaching courses. Carmen has coached regularly at the European Network and Information Security Agency in Heraklion.”

Vangelis Stavropoulos
Erik Norgaard

“Carmen is definitely one of the best coaches for international public sector, especially for EU Commission activities.”

Erik Norgaard
Petra Schlabertz

“I can highly recommend Carmen for your professional career and personal development. After several interesting and fruitful sessions, I am looking forward to the annual evaluation in December.”

Petra Schlabertz
Freddo Offerein

“Carmen is a great coach who can really motivate you to take the next step. I greatly benefited from Carmen’s management coaching. It was a great course, thanks to Carmen’s expertise.”

Freddo Offerein
David Broster

“Carmen was a perfect match for me giving me the right amount of push, understanding my strengths and weaknesses so as to coach me to increase my capacity to manage and provide solutions. I understood myself better as result of the confidential and deep exchanges with Carmen.”

David Broster
Peter Szabo, MCC

 “Carmen safely opens and holds the space for clients to freely move wherever solutions take the session while keeping a clear hold on the coaching agreement. I especially appreciated Carmen’s ability to quickly create an incredible foundation of trust with and respect for the client. She accomplished this in a very open way, just being there and staying with the client goal and thus allowing the client to find his own fitting solution.”

Peter Szabo, MCC
Alain Cardon

“I’ve witnessed Carmen coach and can vouch for her creative and confronting approach which works wonders to get clients off beaten tracks. Working with Carmen always opens new horizons.”

Alain Cardon Partner, Metasysteme Coaching
Pasquale Mazzuca

“Carmen is an impressive professional that is extremely astute and very aware of how to build senior executive relationships. A livley dynamic person, Carmen will always look at finding the right way forward in demanding situations. Very enjoyable and rewarding to work with her.”

Pasquale Mazzuca Co-Founder and Director, Hamilton Davenport Partners
Adrian Mitchell

 “A true professional and great Mentor and Coach. Carmen has charisma and deep knowledge of interpersonal relationships from her extensive counseling practice. She uses a high level of emotional intelligence in her style and dealing with people generally.”

Adrian Mitchell Head of Learning & Organisational Development
Teresa R. Nehra

“Carmen and I attended a training course together in London. Through the various conversations I had with her during the sessions, I was impressed by her confidence, experience and drive. We’ve kept in contact since the program. She is someone I know I can count on to listen and give advice if asked.”

Teresa R. Nehra Facilitator/Coach, MasterCard
Kirsten Dierolf

“When Carmen coaches, results magically appear. She stays in wonderful contact with her clients. By her few and concise interactions with them, her clients discover new options and a new outlook on the situation.”

Kirsten Dierolf Owner, SolutionsAcademy
Susan Kornacki

“Carmen is an executive coach that attended one of my workshop’s for the MSCEIT Certification and Emotional Intelligence Skill Building Seminar in London, England. She is inquisitive, assertive and has a keen sense of human behavior. I would recommend her.”

Susan Kornacki President, EI Skills Group
Damien Colmant

“Carmen and myself attend the same supervision group. She is someone who truly understands and masters the coaching competences and skills. I always enjoy her imput during debriefs. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Damien Colmant Coach et formateur, Extend Coaching
Vittoria Boccarsi

“Carmen has given me coaching sessions and I have greatly benefited from her professional advice. I can recommend her highly to anyone concerned.”

Vittoria Boccarsi
Paul Timmers

“With great pleasure I can recommend Carmen Peter, as a professional coach for her great personal interest and professionalism, who challenges for to realise improvement in a superbly intelligent way.”

Paul Timmers
Eddy Hartog

“Carmen’s personal coaching has been instrumental in my progression as a manager. She provided real and honest feedback. Her involvement did not stop at simply doing the regular coaching session. She pro-actively developed synergies between her coachees (while maintaining confidentiality). I believe this made her work beneficial to the organsation, beyond the improvements of the individuals.”

Eddy Hartog
Klaus Regling

“Carmen Peter was my personal coach and coached most of my senior colleagues while I was Director General of DG ECFIN at the European Commission. Her work helped me personally to become a better, more effective boss and to improve my communication skills. She was also instrumental in improving the collegiality of the senior management team of my DG.”

Klaus Regling
Tony Carritt

“Carmen’s experience in coaching was extremely useful when I was preparing for an important career interview. Her guidance helped me to structure my thoughts and prepare a sufficiently succinct yet convincing self-presentation. Knowing I was well prepared for the interview gave me considerable confidence on the day. I passed.”

Tony Carritt
Peter Vis

“I greatly benefitted for Carmen’s management coaching, and I appreciated her professionalism. She improved my confidence and ability to handle the transiton into a management job. Her advice was much appreciated. I will consider asking for more coaching from her when I am again in a management position.”

Peter Vis
Christos Theophilou

 “Carmen coached me in preparation for the Oral Examination which is the final step of the selection process of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) via which the European Commission hires its officials. In the short time we had available prior to the exam she made sure that I understood the process, what EPSO is looking for in terms of personality traits, attitude and knowledge. She was able to simulate the exam very accurately. She corrected flaws in my oral presentation style, which I would not have detected, let alone corrected, on my own. Needless to say I went to the exam with a lot of confidence and I succeeded. I am now a happy permanent official of the European Commission!”

Christos Theophilou
Cécile Carer

 “Carmen Peter was my personal coach when I was preparing the Oral Examination for a competition. She helped me to prepare a suitable presentation in order to highlight in an appropriate way my experience, personality aspects and knowledge. She gave me some tips so as to gain confidence and so as to be relaxed the d-day… and it worked really well.”

Cécile Carer
Jorgen Thornberg

“It is with great pleasure I recommend Carmen Peter, as a professional coach with an innovative and listening touch paired with a great personal interest and professionalism. Carmen has no doubt both charisma and deep knowledge of interpersonal relationships from her extensive counseling practice. She is known for enabling people to bring out the best for themselves.”

Jorgen Thornberg
Ana-Paula Laissy

“Carmen is a very talented, articulated and open minded person. She can really help in improving personnal skills and increase one’s interpersonal capacities.”

Ana-Paula Laissy
Martin Down

“Carmen is a fellow coach at the London Business School and has an excellent track record for her work as a Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Team Builder – she has a particular skill in enabling people to bring out the best for themselves.”

Martin Down
Maria Alois

“Carmen has really a great personality and professional skills. To work with her has been of great value for my activity. All objectives fixed have been reached and improved with success.”

Maria Alois
Ursa Katharina Müllen

 “Carmen gave a workshop for our network: showed detailed knowledge, good sense of humor, confronting & challenging. Quite assertive and clearly expressing her views. Recommended – for those who want to grow stronger.”

Ursa Katharina Müllen
Wilhelm Schöllmann

 “I really like to work with Carmen. The solutions we find are practical and have been helping me to improve the quality of my business (and private) life from our first meeting onwards. It is serious work – in an atmosphere that does not forget the humorous side of life – a great combination of expert knowledge, long-time experience and outstanding personal qualities.”

Wilhelm Schöllmann
Bernard Petit

“Carmen is an excellent personal “coach” who provides helpful and reliable advices. She has the fantastic capacity to identify very quickly one’s strengths and weaknesses and immediately make recommendations to correct them. She is very committed and develop a smooth and friendly atmosphere in her relationship with clients”

Bernard Petit
Bror Salmelin

“She has a strong motivation and good judgment for the best of the client. She is determined to achieve results.”

Bror Salmelin
Thierry Baudoux

“Carmen, with her best knowledge of the managers of the European Commission is an expert who acquired the special feeling to ensure to each person a very professionnal and made-to-measure coaching. Her proactive way of working makes this person unavoidable if you want to lead a serious project of coaching.”

Thierry Baudoux
Lucy Evans

“Carmen has the skills and experience to provide career coaching services tailored to meet the particular needs of each individual client, providing the tools to make those vital positive changes to career paths and instilling the motivation to put them into practice.”

Lucy Evans
 Russell Harlow

“Carmen has impressed me from the start of our work relationship. She has prepared well for assignments and in delivery to our biggest global client she has proved to be creative and a high quality facilitator.”

Russell Harlow
 Marina Manfredi

“Carmen Peter proved an excellent coach. Her professional skills as a coach are combined with a creative touch and an especially sympathetic “care” for the client. She is very good at fostering people to fix objectives and to endeavor to reach them. An excellent listener, she is a quick thinker and good at business match-making and at promoting networks.”

Marina Manfredi
 Veronique Colmant

“Carmen did coach me for the final stage of the EPSO competition I was performing as Accounting/Financial Assistant. Her professional advice, very good knowledge of the European Institutions and her ability to listen to her coachees fully helped me to pass the competition as well as to have a position at the European Parliament.”

Veronique Colmant
Mihail Nastase

“Carmen is a great team building coach, a person full of energy and creativity, that leverage very well her experience and provides great results.”

Mihail Nastase
Anne Houtman

“Working with Carmen makes a real difference because beside the clarity with which she brings her expertise and understanding of the client needs, she also brings the client to work deeply on him- or herself and is demanding on results.”

Anne Houtman
Benedicte Duhaut

“Carmen is a constructive and unique coach. Carmen offers a mix of realism and elegance in her coaching sessions and helps individuals to discover and to use the best of themselves. She applies it to herself too. Her strong as well as delicate personality reflects her dedicated approach. Consider her as your Pygmalion!”

Benedicte Duhaut
Sylviane Cannio

“Carmen is a very strong coach, result oriented, very human, sharp, direct, effective. She coached me and I saw her coaching other people in the framework of a coaching supervision group. I appreciate her professionalism, enthusiasm, and drive.”

Sylviane Cannio
Media 4 Strategy & Communication
Leopold Maurer

“Carmen, was a very practice related coach and provided realistic training which could be used immediately in practice. She was also very good in strategic training for career development from which I benefited personally. She is completely dedicated to a person problems and tries to provide as many deliverables as possible. She has a very good knowledge of coaching and respective methods which enriched the training to a high extend. Not to mention that she was always punctual and has a high integrity.”

Leopold Maurer
Christine Mulenga

“Carmen has the ability to encourage and motivate people. She is dynamic and enthusiastic. She has a very good knowledge of her subjects. She has the talent to communicate efficiently and to speak in public.”

Christine Mulenga
Theofanis Syrigos

“Mrs. Peter worked as a coach, trainer, facilitation for team building for the Commission Services. I had the unique opportunity to receive her valuable suggestions and recommendations related to my work in the European Commission. Her deep knowledge on the matters of her specialisation assisted my efforts and improved my skills in the field of my specialisation.”

Theofanis Syrigos

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